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Quick and easy

Keeping on top of price fluctuations used to take me hours of tedious calculations adjusting my menu prices, now it just takes a few minutes. Price increases are fed straight to my dishes and the system alerts me when margins have fallen.

Chris Adey, Bistro 46, Brixham

Up and running in 48 hours

I'm so glad I went for the 'serviced option' I was simply too busy to load it myself so CaterCost did it for me.  It meant that within 48 hours I was making tweaks and changes to my menu, it also forced me to see I wasn't as 'on-top' of my suppliers as I thought. These two things will help me maximise my profit fom the summer season. I estimate this alone will add another 4% to my profit this year, effectively paying the subsription in just one service!

Stephane Rondoz, Chef/Owner, South Deep Cafe, Poole

An easy way to keep track of my margins

As a small food producer this is just what I've been looking for, my margins are tight and I need to be sure the prices I charge are right for my customers to re-sell and make a profit whilst leaving me a healthy margin too. The nutritional info is 'the icing on the cake' at last an effortless way to be compliant!

Dave Sargent, Sargie's Cornish Kitchen, Bude