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Manage your dish costs and transform your profitability without stress

Are your food costs rising unnoticed?

98% of independent operators don’t account for daily price fluctuations. Prices fluctuate all the time (meaning it’s a full-time job if you're updating cumbersome spreadsheets), particularly if your menu items contain sub-recipes, batched items such as made from scratch sauces, breads, or stews.

CaterCost lets price increases flow through to every single dish and recipe at the simple touch of a button.


Do you know your cash cow dishes?

98% of independent operators don’t know which are their most profitable dishes. That’s why they leave their menu layout to chance and don’t realise they can annihilate their profit margins by selling high volumes of low margin dishes.

CaterCost shows you item-by-item on your menu what profit you will make and the 'sales mix’ feature gives you an accurate theoretical margin that reflects your actual sales.


Are your profits in the bin?

98% of independent operators regularly put their profits in the bin – over-portioning and over-garnishing are the two biggest culprits – but how can you tackle this problem if you don’t have a clearly defined dish specification?

With CaterCost food prep is an exact science – it's all about precision.

Are you in the top 2%?

Why are only 2% of operators getting that extra few % profit that would make all the difference?

If your P&L says you're making 62% but in your mind you know you should be making 70% GP that’s a big chunk of cash you keep missing out on. But until you get yourself organised and start monitoring your costs properly – you won’t know if it's staff theft, wastage, till errors, high suppliers prices or chef's portions that are to blame – you’ll still be in the 98% who are in the dark year after year if you don’t do something about it!


What can you do?

Can you afford an Executive Chef to control this for you?

Can you afford to muddle on and keeping missing out on the hidden cash that’s there for the taking? 

Make a decision today to get on top of this once and for all – make a decision to make more money from your food offer and make your life easier.

Once you log on to CaterCost for the first time you’ll see that life is never going to be 'spreadsheets-complicated' ever again.
Once you start creating dish specifications on CaterCost you will feel the power it gives you to tweak your dishes for maximum profit.

All your technology fears will melt away as you see just how easy it is to navigate the system, and creating a dish specification will become easier than writing a list of ingredients.