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9 problems restaurant owners can relate to

   1. A booking for ten that turns out to be a no show

That’s ten seats that could have been filled! That’s at least £100 you didn’t receive!

Plus, you can’t fill the seats because what if they’re just late?

You’re reminded every time you walk passed the table to serve other customers.




   2. Power cuts

How do they always occur at 7.30 on a Saturday night when you’re fully booked, never on a Monday lunch time when you only have 2 in?

Sods law wins again!



   3. Team-member’s Mums’ who call in sick for them

Oh he’s got pneumonia eh? He’s bed ridden? And it’s 10 minutes before his shift starts?

Sure, we believe you! (love you Mum)



   4. Customers stealing your plates, mugs, ice buckets, salt and pepper shakers etc

You spent a lot of time on your branding. And a lot of money on the tableware and decoration.

Yes they’re pretty but we can’t make an Instagram worthy experience if you’ve stolen all the Instagram worthy merchandise!



   5. Magically finding more skilled staff on the 5 sunny days in the year than you need to employ for the other 360 days of the year

The UK doesn’t have many sunny days, but when we do, the population seems to gain another million people. But they’re all customers, very few are great staff. And dare I say SOME of your staff (heaven strike me for saying it) throw a sickie to top up their tan too.

The customers pour in while the staff who did show up for work don’t know how to cope.



   6. Unruly children in a restaurant

Sticky hands on the walls, chips under the tables, running around, getting under waitresses’ feet, and screaming ‘the wheels of the bus’ over and over and over

They’re the perfect customers...



   7. Big tables with a pre-order but can’t remember what they ordered

It……….Makes………It………….Take…………. SOOOOO………… Long. And now everyone’s food’s cold.

Plus, there’s always one person who just takes any old meal so there’s someone at the end who hasn’t got their right meal, but the first person has already started digging in. 

The leftover meal has to be thrown away and a new meal has to be made. Joy!



   8. The Bill splitters

There are some customers where you just know they’re going to be finicky about the bill paying. However good your epos, it can’t cope with this… 

“Well I didn’t order a starter, I don’t want to pay more”

“Well you did order a more expensive dessert”

“I only had a salad, you had prawns!”

“I’ve only got exactly £8.99, I’m not paying any more than that”

“How are we paying because I only have my card? Oh you all have cash? Oops!”

“Well I only have a cheque, do people still take those?”




   9. Customers who want to redesign your menu by ordering stuff that doesn’t exist

There’s a system! A food production system by staff and equipment, it brings method to the menu that would otherwise be madness!

When customers make changes, it takes you off system and slows down production of everything!

But it’s OK because the customer just doesn’t feel like eating anything on the menu. Would you like us to go in the ocean and hunt down that fish you want too? 


Posted by on: September 26th, 2017

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