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Are you 'board' yet?!

I did laugh last week when I read the headline ‘Bye Bye Boardy’ in the Morning Advertiser… 
For many years now, the humble serving board has been used in every gastro pub in the land, and to be honest, I’m not sure I have a problem with it. But, as with everything, it will go out of fashion eventually. 
So what are the alternatives? 
Some of the most disturbing food receptacles I’ve ever seen are posted by the Twitter account @WeWantPlates – ashtrays, shoes, washing lines. I mean, what are these chefs thinking? 
But, if we are to have a plate revolution, and customers really do want less wood for their dinner, you could be brave and go back to the simple white china plate. I think some food outlets might actually benefit from this! 
There’s also a growing movement for compostable food packaging. The market leader of this is Vegware with a container for everything from coffee to chips, cakes to sandwich platters. Perhaps there a space for compostable fine dining tableware? 
However you serve your food, I think we still need to cherish these guiding principles: 

  • Always leave the outer rim clear of food
  • Never overloaded a plate/board/containers with food
  • Forget about symmetry, asymmetrical shapes are the way forward! 
  • Mix large and small, soft and crunchy, bright and dark colours
  • Create colour contrast to entice the eye
  • Sauces should be on the side! 

P.S. Click here for the full ‘Bye Bye Boardy’ article and some ideas for the next big thing in plating news!

Posted by on: March 20th, 2017

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