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Are you Insta-ready?

What’s more amazing is that one in five of that age range will make a restaurant booking based on seeing a picture on social media! 
So, Instagram is the way forward. And for time poor Chefs and Restaurant Owners, the good news is this marketing is free, takes only seconds and requires no wordsmith skills at all! 
These are my top tips for getting Instagram right: 

  1. Think like your ideal customers – not a marketing exec or profit hungry restaurateur. They are looking for fun, excitement, a great experience and atmosphere. It’s all about sharing and friends, not poncy logos and nice chalkboards. 
  2. Take a photo of every aspect of the business – but only use the ones that make you smile or display something about your business that is great! 
  3. Understand hashtags and use them – at least 6 if not 10 with every post. Follow trending hashtags and use them wisely to build a following.
  4. Build you menu in images and get customers to upload their own photos too. Customer generated content not only gets them involved and creates a stronger bond, it’s more trusted by non-customers.
  5. Set up campaigns to create engagement – create your own hashtag and get people to do something and Instaram it in return for a reward (usually free dessert works well as they have to buy a main!)
  6. Use Instagram for showing appreciation of your employees – engage and celebrate. Show you value your people.

It’s nowhere near as scary as it sounds or looks. It’s a tool that’s free and used by your customers. No brainer I say!

Posted by on: April 20th, 2017

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