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But I want to cook!!!

My family and I love to eat out, a lot. But, we also love to get great food delivered and definitely still LOVE to cook! We are the epitome of ‘the foodie family’.
2016 saw a huge rise in the delivered meal kits market - the likes of Gousto and Hello Fresh doing the groundwork to get consumers comfortable with the idea of ordering measured ingredients that they cook themselves. This concept answers a huge desire from UK food lovers for fresh, quality food without the fuss of researching recipes and buying ingredients that end up in the store cupboard after the one-time use. We’ve all been there – fancy making a gorgeous authentic curry and then on moving day you find the 4 year old spices in the cupboard!
The global delivered meal kits market was worth £702m in 2015, and the stats predict this will grow to just under £4billion over the next decade. That’s staggering – I think it will have the biggest affect on the supermarket spend, but, the restaurant quality delivered food will also take a hit, as well as footfall through the door.

So the question really is how are you going to ensure you customers keep spending with you despite the increasing choices they have to dine not only with the competition but also at home with more ease?
The answer is, and has always been to know your target audience inside out! Offer something they can’t get somewhere else, answer a desire and the food so damn good there is just no choice to do the same at home!
It’s getting tougher to survive, but when you know your market, you’ll not just survive, you’ll thrive!

P.S. If you need help on determining every single last detail of your target market, read this!  

Posted by on: January 30th, 2017

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