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Fatburgs, Farms and Differentiation!

As well as the feel-good factor of ‘doing your bit’ it can also be a great point of differentiation and increase your profit margins too! As UK diners become more savvy and more choosey about when, how and indeed what they want to eat; now’s the time to really get on board with schemes like Green Tourism. Their Chief Exec recently did an article for Big Hospitality, encouraging all food outlets to make the little changes like: 
  • Controlling and monitoring electricity, gas and water usage which will save you hundreds over a year
  • Reducing waste from Chef's inefficient ordering/bulk buying by giving more thought to daily menus and using leftovers on specials boards 
  • Reducing waste from leftovers by cutting portion sizes – salad garnish and chips are the usual culprits here! 
  • Investing in oil recovery to reduce blockages and the ‘fatburgs’ in our sewers (which if traceable to your business, can mean a hefty fine. Eeek on so many levels!!)
  • And of course, using local suppliers such as butchers and farms to ensure your supplies are locally sourced. 
Some businesses are doing the sustainability thing really well; The Pig for example, with its kitchen gardens and forager menus, sourcing all produce from a 25 mile radius of each hotel. 
As I’m sure you know, all these steps are essential if you are running your business with profit in mind anyway, but if they give you a chance to set yourself apart from the competition with Green Tourism membership (and all the opportunities and marketing support that provides) then all the better I say!  

P.S. There’s a great article here about founder of The Pig, Robin Hutson and his experience, and views on Brexit too! Well worth a read. 

Posted by on: April 6th, 2017

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