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No healthy options? No customers

  • 45% of people think their healthy eating plan gets in the way of their social life.
  • Two thirds (67%) of consumers want to know the nutritional information on the meals they’re offered.
  • A third of people worry that they can’t trust what’s in the dishes on the menu presented to them.

*Reported in Propel Newsletter 20th June 2017.

With ‘eating out’ a top activity for socialising, a range of dishes that caters for all diets and diet fads is a must, or potential customers and their friends might not be stopping by.


Can you remember a time you’ve been out with some friends or family, you wanted to grab a bite to eat but there was that one person who’s slightly more picky than the others?  Even if it’s just a fad diet they’re on, or a genuine food allergy, or lifestyle choice such as vegetarianism or veganism; we’re guessing you didn’t say “I don’t care what you want to eat” it’s more likely that they actually dictated where you ate, or at least guided you towards somewhere that had a few options of food they could eat.

One could say ‘picky eaters’ have the authority, and will drive traffic to your business… that is if you choose to cater for them.

Propel reported that these fickle foodies are massively influential on where customers dine out, making sure everyone can eat and enjoy, not just the majority.

It’s not just those picky eaters though, even your every-day-customers like to chop and change. One day they’re on a diet of burgers and sundaes, the next they’re eating a salad to get back into their healthy regime. Or they might be a vegetarian that tries out veganism for a month. You need to be prepared for it all.

Make sure they’re only choosing between which of your healthy options sounds more satisfying, not deciding between you and the competition, you need to offer total menu transparency. This means providing full nutritional information - calories, allergies, salt - the whole lot. The more info you can give them the better.

If you haven’t got a dish that meets these requirements just yet then download this cauliflower curry recipe. It’s nutritionally analysed, vegan friendly and delicious, in fact it ticks all the boxes to appeal to even the pickiest eaters.

Knowing the exact nutritional and allergy information in all of your dishes can be a bit of a nightmare, so why not trial CaterCost Menu Management Software which makes analysing nutritional and allergen information from all your made from scratch dishes a doddle. 

Posted by on: June 27th, 2017

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