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Firstly, I should say this is not an advert for Deliveroo, there are other food delivery companies :-)
But, if your focus is on premium quality food then this company might just be able to help you upscale your business without increasing overheads.
If you don’t do deliveries at the moment, then Deliveroo creates a whole new revenue channel. If you have a limited number of covers but capacity in the kitchen then again, Deliveroo could be a means to increase your revenue.

Deliveroo launched in 2013 and now delivers in 12 countries across the globe and 32 of the UK’s biggest cities (if you are in deepest darkest Cornwall, scrap this email, sorry!).
The unique selling feature of the Deliveroo model is that it uses its own drivers and cyclists, bringing a more consistent experience to the customer and catering outlet. The CEO, Will Shu, says that it is possible for restaurants to increase their revenue by 30% using his home delivery service. 30%... that’s huge!
My research has found that the costs are not prohibitive – the catering outlet pays “a small commission charge” and the customer pays £2.50 per delivery plus any tip that goes straight to the driver. If you compare that to the overhead of running your own delivery service, or even having someone dine in to enjoy your food, well, there is scope to increase profit margin too by using Deliveroo or similar!
Consumers have more choice than ever, and the demand to offer something unique increases all the time. I think Deliveroo provides a way of enabling your loyal customers to enjoy your food more frequently and might even open up entirely new markets that don’t know you exist.
Let me know how you get on!

P.S. Need to work out your overhead cost vs. cost of a delivery service? Perhaps this could help you pinpoint the detail needed – my book.

Posted by on: January 23rd, 2017

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