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Ready for the Staff Retention Revolution?

Last week my email was all about sugar. This week we are on to my second prediction for 2017: Staff Retention Revolution.
With the Brexit looming, 2017 is the time to invest in recruitment AND staff retention strategies. This will be a year of uncertainty for many foreign workers and hospitality businesses, and no matter how positive I wish to be, there is just no saying how or when Brexit will take affect.
Currently 26% of the hospitality workforce are migrants from the EU or beyond, the time for thinking these valuable staff members are easily replaced is coming to an end. Who knows whether the people movement laws will change and so now’s the time to consider the affect on your business.
Consider recruiting to the positions within your business with innovative and rewarding packages. Our client, Yummy Pubs has done just this with their Chef Academy – aiming to recruit and train 7 young chefs from a variety of backgrounds.
Once you have the fresh talent, you must consider retention of staff far more than in the past, this will reduce long-term costs of replacement and effects of losing staff on productivity. Retention is never just about money, yes competitive rates of pay are important but so are:

  • working conditions and environment
  • leadership style
  • recognition schemes
  • team ethos
  • non-monetary benefits such as holiday days
  • career progression and training
  • employee engagement as a whole

Time to think long term…

Posted by on: January 17th, 2017

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