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Vegan dishes a must on menus, with 6 months!?

No matter how big or small the establishment, it’s now the law. Read the article here.
What an epic step forward for what used to be seen as ‘faddy eaters’. 
So how far away is Britain from doing this? 
Well, there’s now over half a million vegans in Britain. That’s a whooping three and a half times as many as estimated in 2006 so there’s no denying it’s a growing sector of the market. 
Google searches on the topic rose 32% between 2014 and 2015… and continue to rise year on year. 
What’s more compelling though is that 4 in every 10 people have CHOSEN to buy vegetarian or vegan food when out shopping or dining (stats are from the Vegan Society). This is a trick not to be missed on your menus!!

However, in answer to the question… how far away is Britain from doing this? Erm, that’ll be 84,000 signatures. Until the UK version of this Vegan Petition gets to 100,000 signatures, Parliament will not debate the topic, never mind enforce a law that says caterers must sell vegan food. At the time of writing, only 16,000 people had signed :-(

So, it’s down to you – the great British caterer – to make Britain truly vegan friendly. A great start would be this gorgeous Easy Vegan Pad Thai. And with a 76% gross profit margin, it’s even tastier! 

Posted by on: April 12th, 2017

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