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For the Chef
Eliminate clunky spreadsheet hassle:

If you’re still using spreadsheets to convert sacks of onions into chopped onions, isn’t it time you made your life easier?

CaterCost does it for you.

This is menu costing like you've never seen before.

Portion control:

CaterCost focuses your attention on every detail by defining YOUR recipes and YOUR dish spec, so you can be sure that every meal leaves the pass looking, and costing, exactly the same as the last.

Click to see the difference this can make

Today’s menu at the touch of a button:

If you’re fed up with waiting staff not knowing today’s specials or, worse still, scrawling them on a spare bit of till roll, then use CaterCost’s menu templates to create, download and print professional-looking menus with your office PC.

Click for a menu sample

For the Restaurant Owner
Be in control of food profit:

Taking the protein cost, adding a bit and multiplying by 4 is all very well, but what if someone in your team is having a bad day?

Savvy food operators know that now is the time to squeeze every last drop of profit and 'guestimate' is no longer a good enough option.

Supplier Intelligence 

Easily compare products from the different suppliers you use. CaterCost converts the prices you pay into like-for-like 100g comparisons.

We know it's not just about price - quality and value are always worth paying for, but here you can see at a glance exactly what you're buying.

Seasonal Price Fluctuations 

At CaterCost, we understand the daily gamut of food cost fluctuations (many of which go unnoticed in the hurly burly of the kitchen) but a few pence here and there across the menu can soon mount up to a serious decline in profit.

That's why any price changes are fed straight into your recipes, dishes and menus and the system ALERTS you to any slipping below your desired GP.

What if your Chef got hit by a bus?

(...or left to buy a restaurant in Romania without telling you?) With CaterCost you can be certain that all your important data is securely stored in one place – not just in chef’s head or on a scrap of paper.

Tech Spec of CaterCost

CaterCost is a brand new menu-costing system, delivered on the Microsoft Azure platform with no need to install or support software on the user's computer. Compatible with any browser, all that's needed is an internet connection and a PC or Mac. It's your very own executive chef in the Cloud (but without the wage packet).