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The Olympic Torch

It’s estimated that in 2050 90% of the UK population will be officially obese. And yet the today the whole connection we have with food seems to be so short-sighted-topsy-turvy. Recent surveys have shown that over 60% of kids don’t realise milk comes from cows or eggs from chickens, Martha Payne’s blog NeverSeconds has over 6 million following her photos of sometimes pathetically unappetising school meals; and yet here we are in the highest profile way possible associating the ultimately healthy sportsmen and women of the world with food and drink products full of hollow processed nothing-nutrients, brimming with sugar. I can’t help but think the quick fix of the millions to fund the games will come back to bite us in the proverbial’s when the health service picks up the obesity related illness tab over the coming years. Perhaps, by then, the new 30,000 sq ft Newham McD’s built to serve 15,000 Olympic visitors a day will be converted to a giant health centre?

Posted by on: July 15th, 2012