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Le Tour

In interviews he insists he’s ‘Just Bradley Wiggins’ but having already won 3 Olympic gold medals he has to be the most versatile winner Le Tour has ever had and is anyone going to bet against him winning the individual time trial event on August 1 after he smashed his rivals – including the amazing Brit Chris Froome who came second overall - by 1:16 on the penultimate stage of Le Tour. How cool is that – winner of the yellow jersey and a gold medal (to go with his other three!) in an amazing nine days?

What is the his secret? Well other than the endless relentless training and practice - the humble 'jam sandwich' which he places way ahead of all the fuss-pot 'sport enhancing' replenishment potions and powders. Nothing like a Jam sarnie after a gruelling 8 hours on the road. Now I'm inspired, I think I'll have my favourite (strawberry jam of course) and get the bike out...

Posted by on: July 24th, 2012