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Thanks for turning our bad day into a good day

Sh*t happens. It’s a fact of life - stuff will go wrong - especially in our industry. But it’s often not the disaster itself, but how you deal with it, that your customers will remember…

Last week, whilst preparing for The Restaurant Show at Earls Court 2, we urgently needed new business cards printed to give out. We had a tight deadline and The Print Agency in Bournemouth assured us that they would meet it. Surely enough, on the morning of the deadline, I collected 500 shiny new business cards, as promised…. But then… Disaster! They weren’t what I’d asked for at all! The crop marks were showing, the artwork wasn’t aligned properly – these would make us look like amateurs – and, worse still, it was now too late to do anything about it.

At this point, I was stumped. What could I do? To my surprise, I didn’t have to do anything; Sarah, who had dealt with my order from start to finish, took complete control of the situation, promising that she would make it her priority that our business cards would be perfect. The whole set were re-printed and then couriered to my home address first thing on Saturday morning. How cool is that?

So, disaster averted. I’m now not only a satisfied customer, but a loyal customer too – after my experience, why would I go anywhere else? This company showed that my problem was important to them, whereas many others would have shrugged their shoulders and said ‘Tough luck’. Going above and beyond may have meant that they’ve missed their profit margin this time, but rest assured I’ll be recommending The Print Agency from now on to anyone who’ll listen.

How can we do the same in our businesses?

We too can turn those moments where it all goes wrong into ‘Wow’ moments that customers will remember long after they’ve paid their bill, and tell their friends about. It all starts with some 'We can do that' attitude...

And here's our 'cheeky' new business card, in case you missed us!











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Posted by on: October 11th, 2012