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Staff Motivation – It’s make or break!

 Here are my top tips for keeping staff motivated:

1) Hire for personality – warm, inviting, friendly types!
2) Give clear guidance and support, never let them guess what you need from them.
3) Be available, but don’t hover!
4) Praise openly, criticise privately.
5) When a telling off is needed, do it in the form of a ‘b*ll*ck burger’ – sandwich the criticism between two pieces of praise to make the staff member receptive to your advice.
6) Celebrate success as a team.
7) Celebrate ideas – even the ones that don’t work.
8) Remember that money is not the only motivator… what else will your staff work hard for? (Food and an early night are often all it takes with part-timers!)
9) Provide exceptional training – even free online courses.
10) Do your own job really well and lead with personality.

Posted by on: February 2nd, 2015

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