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29 minutes is all they’ve got!

The average worker in the UK has just under half an hour for lunch each day and if you are not one of the franchised fast food outlets where timing is managed like a military operation, you are probably losing out on these time-starved customers. 

So, what could you be doing to tease in the lunchtime trade? 

The answer is simple really. 

First, create a special selection of lunch dishes that you know your kitchen can have on the pass in 5-7 minutes – four or five key dishes that give people just enough of a choice.

Secondly, train the lunch time staff on the importance of this peak time and that speed (and atmosphere) is of the essence. 

And thirdly be known for being “ready to serve”, and advertise it.  Why not take pre-orders over the phone and advertise the new service on social media? 

Sounds simple – and really it is. When done well, your lovely new customers might even have time for a second drink or dessert-to-go! 

Posted by on: March 2nd, 2015

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