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Allergy Best Practice

We are all well aware of the legislation making it a legal requirement for all food outlets to be able to signpost their allergen data, but those restaurants and pubs taking it a step further are the ones that will thrive.
As our friends at Allergy Aware Kitchen shared in a recent newsletter, improving your allergy customers’ experience can give your restaurant a competitive advantage, and it all starts with training staff to help customers feel safe.
Make sure every member of your team has been trained, not just about allergens but about food allergy and intolerance, coeliac disease and anaphylaxis. Staff need to understand why their customers need the information you have to supply due to the new allergen law implementation.
Encourage your team to understand that allergy cautious customers are not just being “fussy” – for them, correct allergen information really can be the start of a wonderful eating-out experience and hopefully great customer loyalty.
Check out the newsletter for top tips on training staff in every stage of the customer experience. 

Posted by on: June 9th, 2015

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