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Chef_Garnishing_169219379_Web.jpgIf you’re not using a proper menu costing tool – or worse still, using guesswork for your recipe costing you could be wasting thousands ££££


CaterCost food costing and nutritional analysis software takes the headache out of how to cost a menu and track the 14 food allergens in your dishes.


Imagine throwing away those clunky food costing spreadsheets?

Forget having to manually check each dish against the 14 food allergy chart?

If you’re looking for accurate food and beverage cost control that’s in the Cloud, relax, you’ve just found the market leading menu and restaurant management software.


Take a free trial and see just how easy it can be to create food costing sheets at the touch of a button.

Watch this video below and see how head chef at Angelu’s Restaurant made £1,200 more profit on just one dish since using CaterCost to create his food costing templates.

Watch this video below to hear how using CaterCost the staff can respond to customer’s requests concerning 14 food allergies and food labelling regulation.

If you want to see for yourself CaterCost menu and recipe costing software take our free trial (P.S. we don’t take card details for the trial!)

"Using CaterCost has increased my GP by 5%"

"We've been using CaterCost for 9 months and are so glad we found them. The telephone support is brilliant with friendly and helpful staff in the support office and the system is just SO easy to use. Before we were running at 65% GP which we've already increased to 70% and there still more scope to tighten our food costs further. We use it for our daily specials - which has made a big difference"

Julian Abraham, The Old Ship Aground, Minehead.