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Anyone got a crystal ball?

Predicting trends is not easy, but it is something I get asked to do a lot at this time of year. I think we’ll see some pretty monumental changes in 2017 but the first is going to be a continuation of last year’s healthy eating. However, now it’ll be focusing on Reducing Sugar. 

This is becoming not just a lifestyle choice, but also a Government initiative. With a revitalized ‘Change for Life’ campaign, new sugar-tax and an app to help consumers understand the amount of sugar they should have in their daily diet, this is a trend that will hit your customers’ consciences very soon.
The Government’s message to the public is clear – reduce sugar to improve your health – but to restaurants, food outlets and retailers there is also a clear request for you to ‘do your bit’ for the waistline of the nation. You will be asked (and then made?) to reduce portion sizes, have better labeling and reduce sugar content by 20% over the next 5 years.  
So how does this affect your business? Well as with everything, it’s all about perspective. If you can demonstrate to customers that you are aware of the initiative, label food options for the sugar conscious consumer and offer tasty alternatives then there’s no reason why you can’t ride the wave.
If however, you stick your head in the sand and refuse to answer what will be customer demand, well, I fear it’ll be a bit like saying allergens don’t matter – the death of your business.
Next week I’ll give a little insight into the Staff Retention Revolution, and tips to get your business fighting fit in 2017!

P.S. This is an interesting website for those asking why the ‘sugar thing’ matters. 


Posted by on: January 10th, 2017

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