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All I want is to produce accurately costed menus without doing a single calculation

Chris is the award-winning chef-patron at Bistro 46, Brixam

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Have you noticed you’re losing profit in your food outlet, but don’t know where it’s going?

CaterCost Menu Management Software can help you find it!

You can create accurate, detailed dish specs, without having to do calculations, it will do that for you. 

But we know your days are full of constant interruptions, which can make setting up software feel like an impossible task.

So to make it even easier, if you purchase an annual subscription with CaterCost, we’ll do all the data entry for you.

Just give us a list of your ingredients and prices from your suppliers and we’ll enter up to 500 of them straight into your store cupboard, for free! T&C’s below.

Create recipes and dishes immediately with a fully loaded system that allows you to save money from your menu, right from the start.


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What is CaterCost?

CaterCost is a market leading menu management software and food costing calculator that puts you in control. Create your own recipes, manage your dish costs and transform your profitability without stress.




What's so great about it?

Here are 7 reasons why CaterCost is class

1.     No need for downloads

Everything you need is stored online on the CaterCost website using cloud technology. There is no software to download, all you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to log in and go… no spreadsheets!

You can even go portable with your stock count, having CaterCost on your Ipad while in front of your stock cupboards. Plus, you can set locations in the system to reflect where they’re physically stored.

 2.     Accurate costings, even to the smallest detail

From the Caesar salad to the Spaghetti Bolognaise, CaterCost will calculate how much each and every dish costs to make, so you never have to second guess again.

Create sub recipes within recipes so it’s all fully costed without repetition. And if your ingredients’ price changes? Just change it in the stock cupboard and all recipes will be updated automatically

 3.     Know exactly how well you’re doing

Set a desired gross profit and CaterCost will alert you if any dish is below target. Discover your most profitable dishes, so you can push them on your menu, and those that are underperforming so you can tweak them to suit your desired profit needs.

CaterCost also allows you to create a sales mix on your menus for accurate theoretical profit margins that reflect your actual sales.

4.     Conversions that reflect real-life measurements

CaterCost already comes fully loaded with conversions, choose metric, imperial, a clove, a bunch, a teaspoon, a fillet, we’re aware that not everything comes neatly in grams! If none of our conversions quite tickle your fancy then create your own, after all, you’re the only one that knows how big your handfuls really are!

 5.     Nutritional and Allergen information (on Premium and Professional packages only)

CaterCost holds a nutritional database of over 15,000 ingredients allowing you to show your customers the nutritional content of each and every dish you create with the click of a button. CaterCost can even generate a QR code for your menu that links to all your nutritional and allergen info.

CaterCost will flag up any recipe or dish that contains one of the main 14 allergens allowing you to comply with the new legislations and the customers’ needs, of course.

Welcome people with allergies into your establishment with open arms, let everyone know that you tolerate their intolerances.

 6.     Print if you please

Organize your kitchen by printing your own dish specifications and menus, add photos to let your team know how the dishes should look, leave nothing to the imagination. Let re-creating dishes from memory be a thing of the past.

You can also create printable menus from the templates available, perfect for your specials menus so that staff never forget.

 7.     Security with clear specs and permissions

Create clearly defined specs to work out where your profits are going, it’s often in the bin with over-portioning and over-garnishing. Also feel secure that even if your head chef is away, you know exactly how to re-create your menus so that dishes stay consistent.

Stay in control with one administrator and extra security permissions for additional users. And no matter what, with the audit log, no ingredient will be deleted if it’s being used in a menu.

 DataEntry_iPad.jpg*Terms and Conditions

This offer is only valid until the 30th September 2017.

This offer can only be claimed when an annual subscription to CaterCost is purchased before 30th September 2017.

This offer is subject to availability and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer excluding ‘2 months free with an annual subscription’.

This offer is only available to new annual subscription customers.

This offer entitles customers to a maximum data entry of 500 ingredients free of charge.

The amount of time it takes for the data entry to be completed may vary depending on how data is supplied to us

Supplied ingredient data to be supplied by copy invoice or spreadsheet format.

Data entry will only commence once full subscription payment has been received.

CaterCost reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this offer at any time without prior written notice.

CaterCost reserves the right to alter or amend these terms and conditions and any other conditions applicable to this offer at any time.

Standard CaterCost terms and conditions apply.


 Since using CaterCost I reckon every dish specification I now create takes me less than a minute! 

Tim Munroe, Head Chef at the Kitchen Larder, Dorset

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 Real time saving comes into play, now I can create fully costed batched items and use them in any quantity, in any dish or recipe I want 

Matt Davies, Executive Head Chef at The Lewis Partnership, Stafford.

What’s your challenge?

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 SubRecipe_phone.jpg“Getting consistency for sub-recipes across the sites is vital to uplift profit”

Matt is like a walking encyclopaedia – carrying thousands of recipes in his head, and was always struggling to nail a documented dish spec.

Because the recipes weren't written down he could never be sure his chefs were making food batches to the right formula. Matt tried to solve this sub-recipe conundrum using spreadsheets – but with over 400 menu items and 200 sub-recipes the task was too enormous to tackle.

This problem isn't limited to multi-sites such as Matt's. Even a small independent operator will have a range of sub-recipes that are used to construct dishes on the menu

This is where clients such as Matt are really feeling the time-saving benefits of CaterCost software.

Not only can he be precise with batch quantities and portions for each recipe, wth the accuracy to shave a few pence here and there to make big improvements to profitability, his data is always live, allowing price increases to flow through every sub-recipe he has created.

AND by using CaterCost NEW feature 'QUICK UPDATE" he can make changes to hundreds of items without a single mouse click. 




 Loads of boring data entry before I can get going? I haven’t got time for that, and I'm no whizz with a mouse 

Stephan Rondoz, South Deep Bistro, Poole.

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With four sites and over a £million + turnover on food – small details have a big impact, I was sceptical at first – nothing has really ever got me to a point where I have an accurate library of fully costed recipes that we can use to shape our menus. That was before I discovered CaterCost. This is really IT.

I’m happy, my team is happy, the boss is happy

Matt Davies – Executive Chef at The Lewis Partnership, Stafford.