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You could be bending over backwards in excitement, rather than in order to keep your restaurant above water.

Accurate portions and dish specs without hours of mind-boggling number crunching... the ultimate catering software! 



You'll be sure to see the benefits…

Perfect portions for profit | Consistency in your kitchen | Have a hassle free day - no other menu management software makes it this easy!

Key features

  • Profit alert – see at a glance which dishes aren't reaching your target GP
  • Price change – update a product just price once in the store cupboard and it filters through to all your  recipes, dishes and menus
  • Defined dish specs –  fully-costed, specific and printable dish specs with photos, so all your kitchen staff know exactly how each dish should look

"I’m blown away"

"I’m blown away by the system’s usability - Computers aren’t really my bag, but I love the way you type and it just ‘happens’, you can tell its been designed with chefs in mind"

Former Head Chef

Rockfish Dartmouth seafood restaurant owned by Saturday Kitchen and Tatler’s Restaurateur of the year, Mitch Tonks


"Updating is now done at the touch of a button!"

"With four sites and over a million £ turnover on food – small details have a big impact I was skeptical at first – nothing has really ever got me to a point where I have an accurate library of fully costed recipes that we can use to shape our menus. That was before I discovered CaterCost – This is really IT!

What used to take literally hundreds of ‘ball-aching’ man hours  calculating and updating is now done at the touch of a button! 

I’m happy, my team is happy – the boss is happy"

Matt Davies Executive Chef at The Lewis Partnership, Stafford