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No need for a PHD in maths or computer science! CaterCost is for you because ...

  • You want to improve your food margins
  • You want to reduce the time you spend on menu costing
  • You want market-leading recipe costing combined with nutritional and allergen info
  • You need an affordable system with low cost, transparent pricing 
  • You're a small business and need to look after every penny
  • You want a foolproof system that's easy to use with intuitive navigation 




CaterCost is a subscription software package 

You can pay monthly or annually.

When you subscribe you can choose to have a pre-loaded store cupboard of standard ingredients (which you can edit) or you can ask us to take care of your data entry.

There is no contract - you can get started straight away.

purchase_flash_phonewoman.jpgCaterCost pledge

If like so many people, you find being alone with new technology a bit daunting and you’re worried you’ll get stuck and won't be able to make it work, our promise to you is you can speak to someone – a real person! We’ll speak to you on the phone for as long as it takes to help you use CaterCost. No support fees – just a friendly voice to chat you through whatever you want to do.

We don’t bury our phone number deep in the site or make you email us your questions – we’re here to help you – 03335 670327 is the number you’ll need to speak to a real person. (Local rate call)



Using CaterCost for your recipe and menu costing will free you to do what you love to do – create amazing food for your customers.



Remember there is no contract to lock you in, just transparent pricing – £34.95 per month – less than your mobile phone – but unlike your mobile phone CaterCost pays you over and over in added profit and freeing your precious time.


BUY NOW! – Uplift your profits today

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£34.95 monthly subscription

Or would you rather have two months FREE?

Pay for 10 months today and get 12 months subscription – making it less than £1 a day for all that time saving and extra profit you’ll be making! 

See summary of features included in CaterCost.

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Still not sure?

Sign up below to take the 48 hour free trial (using pre-populated ingredients, recipes and menus).

Unlike other sites we don’t take your credit card details up front and hope you forget to cancel after the trial ends. In fact we’re so confident we’ll even extend your trial - just call us 03335 670327.
If you want to carry on with CaterCost after your trial, we’ll convert your site to a permanent one – you can keep the data you’ve entered or select a new storecupboard.